AlkapHile pH-IX - Alkaphile: an organism that grows best at (high) pH values
Alkalinity first... Common sense approach for excellent health.

Achieving excellent health is simple.  Health & Wellness Education is vital for the survival of the human body.  As a society, we have been inculcated and distracted by western ideologies with man-made doctrines of  medicine that dis-ease is normal and that sustaining our physical body requires ingesting man-made synthetic drugs...pharmaceuticals.

Lack of medication is not the reason a person has a dis-eased situation or an imbalance.  We do not have drug deficiencies!  
Our bodies were designed to manage deter dis-ease, but our lifestyles have destroyed the ability for the body's natural healing processes to sustain.   

Truly our bodies have the ability to overcome most sickness and dis-ease without medical intervention.  Learning what to eat & think, how to live & breath properly is required daily maintenance for the body to maintain homeostasis at a cellular level .  Besides eating, living and thinking in line with nature, we must learn to avoid exposure to environmental toxins which filthy up our blood and interfere with healthy cellular function.  The truth is, if your blood is healthy... you will be too!

Good health is just as much a choice as is pain and suffering. Are you ready to learn simple aspects to increase the quality of your health so you may minimize sickness and perhaps live dis-ease free?

Education first, not medication... 

Jeri Reid
Jeri Reid
Health & Wellness Educator / Specializing in study of Acid/Base Physiology / Trained Biological Terrain Microscopist / Internal Environmentalist
"One Sickness, One Dis-ease, One Solution"
Alkalize to Energize

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